Canada Betting Bill Advances Without Horse Racing Single Event

On Thursday, after a House Committee had taken horse racing off the draught regulation 在线赌场, a bill that implements constitutionally single-event sports betting in Canada was introduced. The preceding Bill C-218 would have allowed the horse racing scheme in Canada to be revised fully. Following Thursday’s review of regulations, the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights of the House of Commons voted to exclude the horse racing part of the bill.

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The only change

The exclusion means that if the bill is successful, lawful sportsbooks would not be allowed to sell single-event horse racing The Horse Racing Industry in the country will continue to be regulated in the Canadian Paris Mutual Agency (CPMA). The organisation receives 0.8 per cent of all wagers on a horse breed and distributes funds to race tracks and federal and provincial governments.

  • On Thursday the horse race side of the bill was withdrawn by the House of Commons Committee
  • Its incorporation in the statute would have ensured the racing structure would be changed entirely
  • Pari-mutuel betting income is a significant income stream for horse racing industry in the region.
  • The House will end a third reading and vote again on the draught resolution after Easter.
  • Legislators are confident of their progress as views towards this large potential demand change.

Pari-mutuel income is a key source of income for Canada’s horse racing industry. MP Vance Badawey demanded the modification to C-218 and said, “protecting this money flow to about 50 000 jobs across Canada, by ban set odds on horse racing using sportsbooks.”

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A final analysis of Parliament

In the House of Commons Members, the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights overwhelmingly voted to rule out horse racing and supported the resolution. The next move is for the House to discuss further changes during the reporting phase.

At the outset of this process, no deadline has been set. It does not seem to occur until the 12 April because Members of the House are having a two-week Easter break from this weekend.

Following the third assessment of the bill, the MPs are to vote again on the subject. If the law succeeds, so the Senate and later the governor general shall be granted Royal Assent. 303 MPs voted for approval at the original House vote on Bill C-218, 15 against the success on which they voted. Both political parties gained majority approval for the measure.

A single-event betting drive

In previous years, a number of politicians in Canada have consistently sought and struggled to enact regulations on single-event sports parking. Now, Bill C-218 is much more likely than any previous effort to achieve the green light. One explanation is the relaxation of sports betting behaviours in North America. In May 2018 the United States introduced federally lawful sports betting, while over two dozen countries have also regulated betting. Canadian lawmakers also agree that betting on legal sports will improve the country’s economy significantly, particularly in the current economic environment.

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