We often tend to imagine that a Casino is only an establishment intended to offer only games. Whether table games with cards like poker or baccarat, chance like roulette or slot machines. Each Casino, whatever its size, effectively has two well-defined sections, two gaming areas with table games on one side and slots on the other. But we must also realize that it is not only this kind of services that are offered in these establishments. Everything is done to allow you to have fun in every sense of the word. And this can range from gastronomy, to the relaxation area, through shows or a dance floor. It’s all about getting you the best activities to play, have fun, bet or let off steam.

The restaurants

Most casinos around the world allow you to have brunch for example, in a friendly atmosphere and surrounded by friends and laughter. An excellent way to savor quality dishes and good wines in the restaurants of these establishments which always offer a nicely set table. For example, you can taste specialties from the city or the country in which you are located and feast on shellfish, with your feet in the water and your gaze facing the horizon when you are seated at a table, for example at a waterfront casino. Wed.

Almost all casinos also offer the possibility of enjoying a dinner, one-to-one in the cozy atmosphere of a gourmet table. For example, in the establishments of the Barrière group, we find a permanent invitation to take pleasure with your taste buds in countless faces. The brand demonstrates a hedonistic spirit that is both gourmet and warm, a concept that can be found, for example, in no less than 140 restaurants and bars under the Tables label. The restaurants are sometimes specialized and usually offer traditional dishes, but also gourmet menus, regional specialties, gourmet snacks to take a break between two games of cards or roulette and often invite you to taste the cuisine of the world.

The restaurants allow you to get away from the game, while staying in the casino, and to enjoy very good cuisine that will surprise your taste buds with various flavors. You can then enjoy these dishes according to your mood at large tables, or in more intimate and confined spaces such as lounge areas or bright rooms usually open to a magical setting such as the sea, the mountain or the surrounding countryside. Most large casinos, whether European or in the rest of the world, usually offer menus composed by famous chefs. We therefore find good gastronomic dishes such as pan-fried beef tenderloin and parmentier of potatoes with Parmesan or even sea bass tournedos stuffed with small vegetables … The chefs vary the pleasures and sometimes allow you to taste agreements between land and sea ​​in an elegant setting. Some restaurants are more suited to the situation than others.

For example, there are restaurants with a predominance of woodwork, gilded copper and candle holders on the tables which will be much more conducive to romantic dinners and also find menus more suited to gourmets who can then opt for the full formula, starter, main course. , dessert. But who says casino, still says games. This is why some casinos offer buffets for quick meals, for example to allow you to feast on a homemade burger with porcini mushrooms or a pan-fried scallop in Provence between two games of baccarat.